LaBandera HOA Phase I & II


The 108  homes, built between 2003 and 2006, in the LaBandera Phase I & II community of the Team Ranch complex on the West Side of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex are exceptionally well detailed homes sized for quality living

The objective of the HOA is to ensure homes retain and grow property values and stress free living through effective communication between homeowners.  To this end we are quite successful to date.  In the current real property environment  homeowners are able to sell their property quickly in the current competitive market.

LaBandera a Team Ranch Community in Benbrook is a pleasant place to live, work and play.  The HOA Board works for its members to ensure that it stays that way.  


Board members


                    Harold Guimarin

Vice President

                   Don McQuery


                  Sue McCauley


                  Tessie Kau

Board Member at Large

                   Carolyn Dillon

Architectural Control Committee

Ryan Rapisand

Adam Desmond

Eleanor Tuck

Kathi Philpot

Webmaster - Peter Kau

LaBandera, a Team Ranch Community in Benbrook, Texas